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Artist | Digital Art
I like drawing Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and RPG Artwork.


Goblin Nobles Miniatures
These Goblin Nobles have come in to money and spent it all on the finer things in life. They could be Goblin Bosses, Retainers, or even Adventurers. What they're not, is good at saving their coin instead of spending it on extravagant clothing!

Witch Preview
I'm thinking about the next set of miniatures and that it would be nice to have some more options for spell casters. This character is based on Linda Medley's cover painting for Dragon Magazine #130 (February 1988).

I'm experimenting with colour line art and will do some test prints to see how this looks at miniature scale.

"My lord, may I knee this pervert in the face?"

Experimenting with some cel shading techniques.
Volo's Adventurers
Volo's Guide to Monsters is really popular with some of my players, so my next set of paper miniatures will be based on the unusual creatures you can create as an adventurer using that book. So far I've completed a Tabaxi Paladin, Firbolg Druid and Kenku Rogue.…
Halfling Archer Miniatures
This set of Halfling Archers is patrolling the woodlands near their Shire. They’re friendly folk, but don’t underestimate their skill with a bow!
This bonus release for Expert Adventurer ($3) and higher level backers includes front and back artwork to print five 30mm Halfling Archers per page.
Lady Adventurers Paper Miniatures
I finished the July set of paper miniatures early, and decided to release them now instead of waiting!  

This set of six lady adventurers is taking up arms to defend the palace or go on an adventure.

I've changed the scale slightly on the miniatures (and updated the first set of 'Old School Adventurers') to better match the scale being used by other paper miniature creators. If you've already downloaded the first set you may wish to download it again if you want everything to be in the same scale.…

Lady Adventurers Preview
My next set of paper minis for #dnd will be Lady Adventurers. Here's a preview of two more of the characters.

The final miniatures will be available to my subscribers on Patreon:
Adventurer Paper Miniatures
My first set of paper miniatures for D&D and other RPGs is now available to download for subscribers to my new Patreon account:


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I am looking for some critiques for my YouTube videos! :meow: and I'm also looking for some critiques on my artwork!

If you can let me know how I am doing, what I can do better, etc?  :la:

I would really appreciate! OK, thanks and take care and have a great day!!D

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